The shack !!!!!!!There are lots of types of fashion blogs and fashion bloggers,Due to recent events .I have the impression that in roll all them fashion are considered quite the same.That is absolutely wrong.If you ask me still,we are talking worldwide here.So hete a couple of types of fashion bloggers,If I missed any,let me know….!!!😊😊😊😊

PERSONAL STYLE BLOGGER :-The most popular of them all,they post outfits, outfit and more outfit.Yet,they aren’t many pure personal style bloggers,some of them mix it up with a couple of shopping/Decor/Lifestyle post …!!!

STREET STYLE BLOGGER :-You know this catagory too,they post inspiring looks they photography on the streets ……..Once again, very , very popular ..

BUSINESS OF FASHION/FASHION NEWS BLOGGER :-I melted these too because the majority post about fashion news and they also cover different topics about the financial and business type of the fashion world…!!!😊😊😊

SHOPPING BLOGGER :-They posy the latest trends and curate beautiful collages with lusted pieces.Again, sometimes they mix it up with personal style posts…!!!


One can style sarees in so many different ways .This is the sole reason why,even contemporary women prefer wearing saree to most of the important occasions .One of the most popular style that are loved by modern women is styling sarees with abelt.Women can pick the type of belts like for traditional occasions Like festival or wedding ;They can go for studded jeweled belt and for formal events they can style their saree with a leather belt …!!!!For pary occasions ,you can pick a golden glittery belt and give some shape to your saree at the middle of the waist … !!!You can also drape your saree in different bstyle and then add a definition to the entire look by fixing a belt .Make sure next time whenever you go for shopping ,invest in a nice belt so that you can style your basic saree in it……!!?😊😊😊

Every fashionsta is going crazy over the ruffle trend and we still can’t get enough of it ruffle in tops,dresses,pants are for other people we are now drolling over this amazing ruffle vsaree.The bright hues are popping out and making it love even more.Pair a black bralette top with tassel earrings for a sober yet styling look.This ruffle saree is giving the same old saree a new breath of life…..!!!!

Neon is the trend of the sea6.from runways to many stylish celebs .Neon colour is making its appearance again and again..!!! Although ,why showed we keep neon limited to dress,shoes and belts only ????This season,go complete neon by pairing a neon pink blouse with a neon green saree .For finish up the snazzy look add a stylish belt and heels to the outfit …….!!!!!

Now sarees are just basic nomore take out your silk saree and layer it with a stripped or checked blazer for the perfect formal look.Saree is anyways considered in formals belt if you want to take it a level up then part it with a classy blazer.Make it a unique style by , completing the look with a sling bag and matching earrings…!!!!

The fanny pack seems to be center of attraction !!!!!A fanny pack with a saree seriously stole the show !!!?It’s time to take out the cotton saree that you have been avoiding since days now.Mske your saree look cool with a fanny look.Gor the perfect winter vlook in s saree add a leather jacket with ankle length boots with your saree.For summer’s you can replace the leather jacket with s denim jacket…!!!


The easiest and loeast time-consuming way to upgrade your denim is to add some patches and stickers of your choice .There is a whole variety of patches and stickers for denim in the market .You can add anything to your denim pieces from your favourite cartoon to your go -to-slang….!!!!Iron on patches are the most convenient and time efficient ones available …..!!!!!

Rhinestone ,studs,beads and sequins …..They are all perfect .If what you are trying to make your denim pop !!!!!You can write your name your initials or make abstract design with them.The possibilities are endless .You can find emblishment of different colours, sizes and shapes to add to your denim.Most emblishment available now don’t even require sewing you can just use glue gun and dazzle ..!!!!😊😊❤️❤️

Adding a few buttons here and there on your jeans, jacket and skirts never hurt anyone vyou probably have a ton of different buttons lying around . Let’s just put them to good use and add them to our denim jacket sleeve ,Jean side seam and patch pocket ..!!!!

Stonewash,Acid wash, bleach wash or any other denim wash,pair perfectly with lace trim.You can add lace to the hems of your denims or just border the denim with a suitable lace….!!! Again there is a vast variety of lace pairs beautifully with any denim….!!!

We all have a bunch of clothes we don’t really use anymore.Cut out your favourite designs from then and add some colour bto your denims .A fun, inexpensive and time-efficient addition…!!!!

Embroidery or painting your name, initials .A design or just anything of your choice bon your denims is a perfect way to personalise them.There are also so many stencils available to guide you.The options you have when it comes to embroidery and painting are trully endless ..!!😊😊

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